Viking Vice –


Ragnar’s name is derived from a Nordic legend. This weekA’s update will bring to MO30 all of the Viking passion! Ragnar, another model from our agency who’s done similar things before. He is very familiar with Hollywood and has spent much of his time behind the camera doing both adult and non-adult work. This slender jaw-stud was open-minded and free-spirited. He even did a stint on a webcam host. Even though he was slowing down, we had to remind him! He was sporting nothing but black socks, and his million-dollar smile before we realized what had actually happened. We were soon able to see that he was putting in a lot of effort. We had to get closer inspection of his cock because it was so large and was leaking pre-cum. His helmet was a large, slitted piece of metal. He smiled back almost as much as the big smile that never left him face. We still find evidence that RagnarA visited the upholstery years later, when he let go.

From: menover30
Date: September 9, 2022
Category: Gay

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