In The Castro –


We can only say A’Gostoso. Gostoso. Gostoso.A’ as we look at Leo Castro, 26 years old, who is truly A’GostosoA. (Brazilian: A’deliciousA). This week’s handsome stud can be credited to the small, landlocked Brazilian city of Sao Paulo. This statuesque Brazilian has bedroom eyes and a boyish smile that will leave you asking all kinds of questions. He is 6A’4 tall. His A’pica duraA” measures an impressive 8.5 inches at its longest. Brazil and its horse-hung boy gangs: What is it about Brazil? It is time to share the wealth and bottle the water. After visiting his brother in London, Leo decided to move to England. It was a place he loved, he moved to England, married a lady and subsequently returned home. ThereA’s more! At 17 he lost his cherry to Brazil. At 20 he tried to have sex. “I met a guy online, and we went out for sex. I was 20 years old. Now he considers himself to be gayA’. See! See! British beaches are not as hot as Rio de Janeiro’s. This boy is a shithole, A’girl IpanemaA. This boy is even more attractive naked. He looks great naked. He uses one hand to reach under his tank and the other into his pants. We get our first look at his abs as his hand moves upwards up his torso. He is very muscular. He could cure your laundry woes with his abs. His washboard abs could be used to wash almost anything. HeA is naturally silky and hairless. He pulls down his jeans just enough to release his growing cock. Slowly he strokes the stiffening A’picaA as it responds to every touch. His well-defined body looks incredible as the sunlight dances across every curve and ripple. He takes off his pants so that he can comfortably stroke. Leo’s thick, uncut cock can rock hard in seconds. At full mast, he is quite the formidable stud. His creed is to speak softly and have a huge stick. WeAre ready for whatever it may be! After a while, he kneels on the rug and strokes again. The hung stud is well-balanced and he strokes both overhand and underhand. You can see the light brown lines of his suit, which runs along his muscular legs. His body, aside from the tat on his right arm, is almost a smooth canvas that just waits for his tongue to be explored. We see his muscular and tanned, bun-encased hair as he kneels down on the couch. It’s no surprise that he looks equally good doing the cumming than he does running, but let’s not forget about ourselves. Leo lies down and starts to work with his cock. Leo’s thick, uncut cock throbs as his foreskin moves along itsA” meaty length. This is like staring at a buffet of Brazilian food and not knowing where you should start. SEYMORE! SEYMORE! As he sits up, he spreads his legs and wiggles his hands in the air. The base of his sore bone is being pulled up by his smooth nuts. Just below them, his hot ass peeks out at us to make sure itA’s all right. ItA’s getting hot in here. As he increases the speed, he licks his hands and rubs his knob. Leo now strokes and focuses on relieving the cock that’s bothering him. Leo’s chest, abs and stomach flex and contract as he watches his skin dance below. We know that it’s here as his fist blurs and he gasps. Leo sighs heavily and pours thick, creamy Brazilian batter over his body, soaking his sides, then pooling below his navel.

From: extrabigdicks
Date: August 12, 2022
Category: Gay

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