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We bring two extra large dicks to make it an all-you-can-eat week. You’re a star! Jessie Alan, the first need not be introduced. This 24-year old Floridian native Floridian is a magnet for all things sexy and cocky. We are also pleased to welcome back OrlandoA native Elijah White. The tall and lanky 18-year old Elijah made quite an impression on us when he first made his appearance with us last month. These two were asked what they would do if $100 was found on the streets. Jessie would deposit his money into the bank. Elijah would go to H&M to buy something for himself. Then, we wondered which TV series they liked as children. Elijah loved Rugrats, while Jessie was a Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles fan. Jessie is an avid fan of True Blood and Elijah watches most of the Discovery Channel. We wondered whoAs the biggest dick that theyA’d seen. Elijah smiles proudly as he says that the stud to his right has the largest cock of any stud heA’d seen. Jessie will probably get that quite often, weAre certain. Jessie is going to be able to show Elijah what that big cock can do. Jessie and Elijah sit on the sofa as Elijah admits that he would like him to overtake him every time he sees that big cock. Maybe heA’s tired of having to be the top, and maybe if there was a larger dick, heAA’d feel tempted to go bottom. Jessie already feels the strain in his growing crotch. He smiles and says, “I can help you with that.” Elijah comes in to have a look at what JessieA has to say. He opens his eyes wide to take as much as possible of the cock in his mouth. Jessie grumbles as Elijah works on the thick cock. Jessie is driven crazy by Elijah’s tongue as he runs it along the shaft. Jessie stands up to allow Elijah more access to his meat. Elijah takes time to savor every bite of the cock. He stands up after a long time and allows Jessie to take a look at his cock and give him a sample of the delicious things he has. Jessie releases his 8A’ cock, and he eagerly reciprocates the gesture as he suckles his cock full of bile. As they take turns sucking their thick cocks, the chemistry between them is evident. Jessie finally puts on her clothes and sits back to watch Elijah suck his cock. ElijahAs hot sex finally finds the right thing, proper fucking. Slowly, he inhales on the cock until itA’s fully inside. Then he starts riding that cock, bouncing along for a while. Jessie then takes control and continues to shovel the meat into his hungry hole. As he gets the hole stretched, ElijahA’s rock-hard cock becomes a rock star. Jessie is a hot-tempered cock that wants every bit of Jessie inside. Jessie stands up and bends over to his playmate. He then slides back and taps that doggy style. JessieA’s thick, sexy balls rub against his smooth, round tummy as he fists deep. Elijah moans, and begs for more. Jessie will give him exactly what he wants. Elijah is flipped onto his back, and JessieA’s thick cock gets in the way of missionaries. JessieA’s thick cock is enough to make him feel all the more vulnerable. Jessie pulls out a thick nut and lays it all over Elijah, who is now cum-drenched.

From: extrabigdicks
Date: September 21, 2022
Category: Gay

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