The Stroking Curve –


Go West, Young Man! We motored west until we reached Colorado, where we stumbled upon this ExtraBig find: Ronald. Ronald Casis, a muscular, 27-year old hottie, is 5A’11. His charm, which is a combination of soft spoken and boyish appearances, are only eclipsed by the 8A club that he carries between his muscular legs. HeA’s single now and trying to make up lost time since heA’s left his x for A’irreconcilable differA’. I suppose sheA’s probably regretting not letting Ronald touch her tums. RonaldA is on the hunt for petite girls. You should be curvy, have large knockers and exotic features. The imports are his favorite: Asian, Latina or Indigenous. They all make him work hard. Ronald, an early adopter of water guns at 11, discovered them when he was 11. He realized that his water gun was more like a Super Soaker when he turned 13. Ronald was not the only one to notice his equipment. He lost his cherry to an enviable 17-year-old girl, who wanted him. (Sorta kidding.) Ronald is a lover of sex, and he enjoys it outside: at the beach, in his car and even in a bank drive-thru after work. His sense of adventure is amazing! We have a strong feeling that he will find a lot to love once we take him off his clothes. Ronald is quick to untie his belt. He’s ready to start the show. As he stares into the camera, he begins to feel more himself. You want to see his packin’ but it will take some time. His smooth, slender torso is revealed as he takes off the yellow t-shirt. As he strips down to his black boxers, his meaty abs and soft abs are amazing. As he starts to focus on his throbbing, he is very sexy. His cock is eating his flesh and is stroking his cock inside of his shorts. Soon, his large cock is out of breath and must be freed. As he stands, he slowly lowers the cock to his knees and kicks it across the ground. Super Soaker is a good example of how his cock can spring out. These studA’s are a serious pack of meat. His 8A’ Python is thick from the bottom to the top and hard. He will be noticed. As he works on his knob, we have a wonderful view of its massive trunk below. He takes his cock and puts it down on the sofa so that he can relax while he jacks his beast. He plays with the meat and his heavy hands are tightly held. Their counterparts are just as amazing. Ronald is able to jiggle his head faster and his hips are ready for every step. It makes you wonder what that must feel like if it wasn’t Rosie Palm. His body, which is just as amazing as RonaldA’s bird is, is also what would make your mouth water. Boyish has sexy, full-featured eyes and a wide set of broad shoulders. His defined pecs sit high above his biceps. You can see Boyish’s aching flesh as the carnal panorama moves south. His massive quads are just north of his large thighs and legs that would make any tongue nervous. Ronald, who is now braying wildly in his fists is closer to the climax, is looking more and more like he is. Ronald looks hot and he’s fucking his hand like a rider. His ass lifts off of the sofa. He soon spits out his thick nut on the couch and himself, moaning, grunting, and still banging away. It’s likely that Ronald doesn’t want to get out. HereA’s an image. Whew.

From: extrabigdicks
Date: August 13, 2022
Category: Gay

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