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Koh-bruh is an elapid family member, the cobra (pronounced “cobra”) Cobra is an abbreviation for cobra di capello, or cobra de capello. It is Portuguese for “A snake with hoodA”. Most of these snakes will display a typical threat display when disturbed. We have today a Cuban cobra, known as Darius. Darius, 33 years old, is a Cuban Monolith that weighs in at 6A’3A. This Cuban monolith can hold an impressive 9A cobra. If DariusA’s cobra becomes disturbed (and we don’t mean disturbed but aroused), his cobra thickens, and then it rises slowly. This exposes his glowing head or knob. DariusA’s cobra prays for YOU to raise your rear. . It’s obvious that you would like to. It intimidates those who are not strong enough to handle it at full mast. DariusAs uncut A’pingonA” was first used at age 15. After causing some pain to a few girls, Darius realized he was bigger than most of the other boys. He beams when A’Girls tell him they aren’t interested in trying it, but end up doing it anyway. It’s hard to blame them. Darius is the silent, strong type. Darius’ soft charm can be disarming, but keep your guard up or you will find yourself exactly where you want to go–on his back. Darius is an incredibly sexy, horny man who will not let go of any pussy. Darius has a girlfriend who is a good sport, but he still gets help when he can. We offer a great package that includes a 9A cobra, which contains loads of injectable non-toxic cream. This week’s Find: MiamiAs local love-snake Mr. Darius Cobra. Darius begins to snag his child’s jeans while he works on his large pecs. As he stands to untie his jeans, his tee is taken off. He takes off his jeans, and he sits down to enjoy his tenting crotch. His entire body is large and hairy. Darius is all-manly and hyper masculine. Darius’s short, wavy hair and large frame make him intimidating to many. But the women love him. Darius is a gentleman, sorry fellas. But thereA’s light at the other end. You never know what straight boys might think of under certain circumstances. EBD has seen some strange things. Cross your fingers, Bitches! Darius has horned it and brings it to the couch. He immediately grabs his uncut babymaker. He can feel it throbbing now, and we notice his pre-cum stained knob peeking through his thick skin as he starts to rub it. He quickly loses his shorts and then spreads his huge thighs to gain better access. As he lies back, youA’ll feel the heat from his body. Darius is every inch of a man. Watching him sit up on the couch and jerk and tease his dick will make you wish that he were part of our team. Darius is a big guy. He jerks his meaty dick, and his large balls bounce about as his dick receives the attention it needs. DariusA’s face trembles as he manhandles his hard shaft. Every time his hands meet the cum-laden balls, his fist emits a distinctive slapping sound. You can hear the music of many Miami nights, as he silently fucks Latinas while her balls kiss their whisker boxes. As his expressions shift, you can’t help but see the wide range of his A-sex facesA’. As he approaches his final climax, the more Darius touches his dick, the more difficult it becomes. As they get ready to lift their cargo, Darius’ heavy arms are beginning to tighten. Darius increases his speed and begins to tighten his muscles. His breathing becomes faster, his lips start to snarl, as he feels the familiar sensation in his balls. He then erotically kisses his thick, kissable lips. FUCK! It is now ready to boil and there will not be any place for his A’lecheA to go after it reaches a boiling point. (Say Aaah. j/k). Darius starts a low, guttural sound that escalates into a scream. HeA’s then able to gasp and his head drops back. The initial gasp is followed by several low, stuttering moans that are accompanied with thick streams of Cuban-batter. The Cuban charmer, who is now cum-coated and holding his tongue (literally), enjoys the glow from a two-day load that he had back up. Whew. We might have to find a way for him to return.

From: extrabigdicks
Date: September 28, 2022
Category: Gay

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