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We have two new faces today. Connor Maguire is the first. Connor Maguire is 19, and heA’s originally from Miami. Alexander Greene, 19, is the second member of our family. Alexander Greene, 19, was born in Jersey and now calls Miami his home. We are getting ahead of ourself. These two boys were asked what they would like to drive in their ideal car. Alexander wants the Lexus new, while Connor would prefer the 90A’s Bat Mobile. Excellent, Maguire, excellent. Alexander has a lot of legs like Connor. Alexander only discovered he had a large cock when he visited a studio to learn the incredible news. Every day is a learning experience. These two guys get a little horny and both admit to getting off quite a bit. Most of their work is keeping the equipment clean between runs. Each of them get away with the help of a couple or three females per week, which isnAt bad considering both their egos and the recession. Connor says that even the most str8 men get interested in each other’s stuff and may sneak a peek at the bathroom. They’ll be able to spend more time together today. …Shall they? Connor checks his cell as Alexander arrives with drama about his girlfriend. His dickA is too large and she will not take it. Connor isn’t convinced and demands that he prove it to him. Alexander pulls on his pants and notices that his cock has already become rock-hard. Connor is shocked at the size of that dick. He runs his hands through it, then takes it out for a closer look. Alexander watches Connor stroke the now throbbing cock. This is where he knows it all. Alexander takes off his shorts while Connor tugges on his meat. To make it easier for Connor, he opens his drawers. Connor looks at him with puppy-dog eyes and asks, “Can you put it in your mouth?” Alexander coos while Connor wraps his lips around the item. Alexander cannot help but moan when he has his thick cock pulled. Alexander’s natural smoothness is evident and he bit his lower lip while Connor continued to milk his dick, paying particular attention to the big balls. Alex says, “Let me look at yours,” as they compare their equipment. As they work harder, they jerk at each other. Connor doesn’t want to be a dick, so heAs back on his knees looking for more. Alexander gets him rock-hard for more. ConnorAs strong cock isnAt going to give up and Alexander quickly gets used to it. Connor grunts, groans and does his best to make it comfortable. Alexander won’t need to be concerned about the blue balls as heAs quickly sliding his thick cock into and out of his buddyAs hole. Alexander enthrals ConnorA as he flexes his smooth, sexy muscles. As ConnorA starts to appreciate the intrusion, he picks up his pace. Alexander flips Connor and fucks him on his back, with his legs up in the air. As he continues to fuck Connor, he slides his huge cock into that hole. He begins to fuck him quicker, hitting Connor at all the right places. He’s a strong boy who knows how to have fuck. AlexanderA isn’t done, he continues to sit back while Connor rides his cock. Connor spits out his dick on the cock and then bounces off it while they get closer to cumming. They sit side-by-side and shoot all their orgasm together as they get closer to each other. They prove the old adage, “We donA”t need any stinkinA’ girls!”

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Date: September 8, 2022
Category: Gay

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