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Santiago is only one more school student struggling to get by and assignments is no fun when youre worried out. As he lays on his bed he starts to consider his sexy team captain who he’s had a crush on since day one. Santiago cuts out a picture of himself and sets it next to the picture of the captain that he stole from the locker room. He starts to rub his cock slowly as he daydreams about all the nasty things he wants done to him and what he’d really like to do into his captain. Home alone with no prying eyes that he pulls out his fat thick dick and strokes it while still massaging up and down. Finally he drops back into daydreaming about sucking his captains cock and with his legs spread awaiting the team captain to dive right into his receptive ass. Santiago pulls his out dildo and lubes it up and starts to fuck himself with it wishing he was back into the locker area being rammed hard and deep from the team captain. He always daydreams while he strokes his dick to full on conclusion and if he unloads he uses his fingers to put some of it into his mouth wanting it was just another mans.

Date: March 27, 2019
Category: Gay porn

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