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I asked Neal,”Where have you been? Its been a little while ” “Ive been dating a woman,” he said. “She’s in Germany and we were spending some time there. “Ah, yes. I remember. Neal loves to travel. “We’re there for a couple of months,” he explained. “However, then I ran out of money and that I couldnt work there because I didnt have a visa” “Are you still seeing her?” “Maybe,” he explained. “I had to leave to come back to do the job. She wanted to remain. Well see how it goes. “Thus Neal is back working at a restaurant. “Its OK, but I cant wait to get out of there” “Are you seeing any men in the meantime?” “No,” he said. “I felt Id spare that up to you guys! “Trevor enjoyed Neal right away. Trevor likes the young, lanky ones and was all about fucking his tight butt!

Date: October 13, 2020
Category: Gay porn

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