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Besties Lola N and Izzy Delphine are bypassing hitting the bar tonight and choosing to stay indoors and just hit on’it’, if you understand what we mean. Both Czech titty twins have been dressed to kill it at the club but those very small dresses will end up on the floor as the girls get after it around the livingroom sofa.The busty babes start on top down, treating each other’s ordinary tits into titty play foreplay with sucking at their cute little nips and juggling another’s jugs, and as they disrobe every other, sweet little kisses lead down them to their heavenly shaved pussies where they will soon feast.What’s to follow is a unabashed lickathon, these horny blondes get after it. You’ll need to watch to find each of the details that are dirty but we’ll drop some hints what ensues is a 69 showdown with curvy buttocks cheeks wide for insertion, plus more and many mounts to disperse their candy pinks. Check their racy occasion out!

From: Eurogirlsongirls.com
Date: November 6, 2019
Actors: Izzy Delphine
Category: Face sitting

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