Call Me Steele, Lex Steele –

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For their two year anniversary, Ashley Adams gives her wife Cadence Lux three cards write down any fantasy she’d like vice versa and also to fulfill. Ashley brings Cadence where all is set and prepared for their soiree. Ashley reads. The second, have ice run down her naked body, and the third, to be blindfolded in full darkness.Cadence stays on the mattress while Ashley kisses her throat while blindfolding her. She teases her ripe nipples, pinching them softly. Ashley requires an ice block and lightly rubs it around her anal lovers nipples, then removes her thong, spreads Cadences thighs, then wets her pussy with her mouth and proceeds massaging her clitoris. Cadence gasps in arousal because the ice melts over her hot pussy. Her panties that are fresh are removed by ashley because of her mouth, stuffing her face while she continues eating out her pussy to encounter the kinkiest orgasm 34,, and satisfying her utmost erotic fantasy! Cadence desperately wishes to taste her fans cum after smelling Ashleys panties. Cadence fingers Ashleys aroused then switches positions be continued!

Date: July 19, 2020
Actors: Lisa Ann
Category: Face sitting

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