Breath You In –

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Benjamin is about to hit the showers and just finished up at the health club is mobile phone to determine if anything is needed by Seth and that he does. There’s a text waiting on his telephone asking him also to come home ASAP so that he can smell the mainly smell and lick at his arm pits tidy and find a whiff of his balls and not to shower for him. Benjamin finds out Seth and hurries home and his nose is dived by Seth into the armpits and begins to lick and smell them licking them pits clean of any extra sweat and carrying every breath deep. The smells really turn on both men and Seth would like to feel his sweaty man deep inside him and as near as possible to allow the smells to pour over him. While Benjamin pumps him hard and deep Seth pulls him close so he can rub his head. The smells begin to more load the sensations and sends them both over the edge leaving their juices all.

Date: May 31, 2019
Category: Gay porn

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