Bonnie’s Nightmare An.. –


This nightmare is well-known to anyone who has been in a Coed. It’s all you can do to be alone in the classroom. You are being told nonsense by the professor. The professor is proving to be completely ignorant of what you are learning and totally unprepared you for the final exams which must be completed right now. Your professor suddenly realizes that you have no clothes and arrived at class without them! Bonnie Day turns this nightmare into a Lez Dom Electro Fantasy Nightmare. The young and slender newbie uses her geeky side to ask Professor Lorelei Lee, Teacher’s Assistance Ashley Fires for help. She hopes to become an A++ Electroslut and a tight, muscular woman. You can see Bonnie’s progress or she may just be a F-failing NERD.

From: electrosluts
Date: August 17, 2022
Category: Lesbian

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