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A year later we finally see Nikki, and Kim is back! We had to witness them live, as they were both 19 and have been real-life partners for many months. They play from the first time the tape begins rolling, and they have a lot of fun. They are allowed to sleep on a queen-sized bed and then they get into one another’s private parts until they have had their orgasms. They then train with a boxing instructor and practice on one another. They have a catfight that ends in fingering, and then more eating out. They watch scary movies together at night and cuddle together. It turns into an intimate moment as they have one last orgasm before falling asleep. The night is over and they wake up the next morning ready for the day! Kim is determined to control Nikki so she puts her in handcuffs and gets her out of her schoolgirl. The fun of stuffing lollipops leads to intense oral orgasm, pink dildo, and more play. The story continues as Nikki shows Kim how to dance. There is also more play and an amazing stuffing scene. This is the longest ever video update! ?

From: ftvgirls
Date: October 6, 2022
Category: Lesbian

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