The Foot Spa –

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Scene Bree Daniels is stoked to get a foot massage from the Finest in the business Celeste Star.

And she can see decent reason for Celeste’s renown, she’s clearly very passionate about her work. A passion that grabs off Bree guard once Celeste begins to tongue her toes each. Because Celeste is the ideal bree is slightly obstructed by the adoration, but makes it. Nonetheless, it’s obvious Celeste is obsessed. Celeste might be worshiping her feet, but her head is running wild about fucking her customer with lesbian thoughts. After staring hungrily at the pussy of Bree, Celeste convinces her to turn over to give her easier get the bottoms of her feet. However, with Bree ass poking out the floor of her sundress, the female can not help lifting up her skirt and fondling her legs. She sees a jolt of pink from her panties, also can’t resist tracing an outline with her tongue, all of the while reassuring Bree there’s nothing special about this particular foot massage. It’s only a run of the mill foot massageshe states while trailing kisses out of her belly button and slowly undressing her top. Bree finally accepts that this is the regular treatment everybody. Almost after the Celeste begins to feast on Bree’s pussy, Bree cums in Celeste’s mouth and then returns the favor, licking at her lesbian pussy till it cums and pulsates!

Date: April 5, 2019
Category: General

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