Psycho Medical Mayhem [Part 3] –

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Continuing to deal with the shaky patient Mira Sunset using his bizarre remedies, Dr. David Perry maintains her at the straitjacket even as he administers vaginal penetration while her caring boyfriend Totti, who is assisting the physician, feeds Mira his own beef. Note how lovingly Totti holds apart Mira’s long tresses, so they don’t put in her mouth because she’s her oral injection.” Changing their positions, because Dr. Perry considers that the variety will excite her anus and therefore promote psychological growth, Totti changes his prick to her pussy while Mira sucks on the distinguished physician. She just wants to be well enough so she doesn’t have to wear a straitjacket anymore! Placed on top of Dr. Perry, she rides his penis as he instructs her not to look into his charismatic eyes since that could be too unsettling to her fragile psychological state. Totti does her anus at precisely exactly the identical time, because Dr. Perry believes the simultaneous dose of their dicks will cause a mental chain reaction that could just provoke a breakthrough. Indeed, his hunch seems to be correct, as the healer permits the straitjacket to come off to ensure Mira will ride Dr. Perry’s pork while Totti matches her vaginal tunnel. Things seem to be progressing; in reality, the elasticity of her anus after penetration, called as the gape that is magnificent, shows her own body is still recovering from the consequences of her mental travails. However, Dr. Perry does not believe it is quite the time for her to return in the world. There’s still something listless in her footsteps. After she is bound to the wheelchair, then he puts the last phase of his remedy into movement: a double burst of sperm and then face from both Totti and himself. As he makes notes on his notebook Mira seems to be responding in a healthful and fresh manner. Is her mind coming back to awareness of the actual world? It appears like it! Another victory for the unorthodox methods of Dr. David Perry.

Date: April 7, 2019
Category: Domination

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