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On a pole, two of our most sexiest young ladies, Sunny, a curly-topped, and Judy Smilz are entertaining us! Two super-slut girls in mini skirts and halter tops in stocking-style pants, this is what we would love to see at our local tittie bars. Our young women begin to touch each other after showing their dance skills. Sunny shows us her feet and legs while Sunny wears panties aEURoeonstageaEUR. Sunny does the same thing, but Judy gets down on Sunny’s knees and plays with her snatch. The redhead then stands up to do a split. Sunny then takes her shoes off and rubs Judy’s peach-colored feet with her pink pants. Sunny masturbates Judy’s crotch while Judy presses her nylon feet against Sunny’s toes. The girls then drop their skirts, lick their tongues, and let us admire their naked bodies in their cutaway hosiery. Sunny gets on her knees, and Judy pulls her pants down. Sunny can now pull her cheeks apart and let us see her pretty little sexy! Sunny then rubs Sunny’s pussy while Judy takes a lick of Sunny’s soles. Sunny switches positions to allow Sunny to enjoy Judy’s polished toes. Sunny is a wild child with those Smilz fingers and worships them with bright, happy eyes. Next, the girls take to the stage to show us all 20 of their toes.

From: hotlegsandfeet
Date: September 28, 2022
Category: Small tits

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