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The auction slave and the experienced Clubdom slave are bent over and restrained. As Goddess Tangent and Michelle Lacy discuss how hard they are likely to cane each guy they anticipate their painful destiny. Their auction servant is the most likely going back to the servant farm but they want to conceal him. He might demonstrate some glimmer of hope. Equally slaves are caned by the 2 Mistresses. With heavy fast blows, the hits keep coming. The more the women hit themthe more humiliating and happy they become. The 2 guys are definitely in pain that is intense however the auction slave trembles and cries for mercy. These girls are not having it. They will have to penalize the mind slaver who offered them him although back to the servant farm that he goes. Paris admits that he has came along with the women grab him. Tangent face kills him and kicks him in the balls while he is held by Michelle. They scold the slaver and tell him he’s to never sell them such a pitiful excuse of a person and to take back that pathetic excuse for a slave.

From: Clubdom.com
Date: April 10, 2019
Actors: Goddess Tangent
Category: Bdsm

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