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Mia is a cookie and shes back to prove torment shes willing to survive for climaxes. She starts in a position position that is manipulated into a predicament tie. She’s gagged with rope and it is pulled up with her leg. She is now helpless and The Pope proceeds to administer some torment. Following her suffering until she squirts all over the floor she’s made to orgasm. She is tied along with her slutty legs spread extremely broad. Every facet of her is vulnerable and The Pope takes advantage of every inch her could. Her pussy and punished and nipples are tight and then he proceeds to attack her soles that were delicate also and then uses a Wartenberg wheel onto her nipples. Tears roll down her face, but that motivates him to keep doing what he does best. We move on to the last scene which has her on her back like the whore she is. This particular whore’s legs are spread wide with her feet and she is prepared for the fucking she is going to receive. The pain is treated to every available inch of her skin to ensure she’s currently suffering. Now that she is overwhelmed and can take the abuse, she’s made to cum from getting her pussy fucked hard and fast. The Pope had his way with her, and he has no other use for her, and she’ll be discarded like trash.

From: Hogtied.com
Date: May 28, 2019
Actors: Mia Little
Category: Submission

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