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I´m hauled into the lair from the Hunter kicking and crying along with my arms plotted together behind my back bound in thin leather cords. I kick at him as he squeezes a rag to my mouth and wraps elastic wrapping between my lips and wraps it tightly on my head. He hooks my wrists to a chain dangling from an overhead pulley then cranks up my wrists high behind my back in a stict strappado. I scream into my gag as I feel my shoulders twisted and stretched to her limits. I hang in the barbarous strappado making feeble attempts to kick at the winch onto the walls in hopes of hammering my own wrists. However, the pressure on my poor shoulders is too good and I can&severe;t reach the winch along with my stiletto heels. The Hunter returns with more of the thin leather wires and bends to tie my elbows tightly together. I beg and sob into my gag as my ankles are bound brutally tightly together. I’m concerned that I will fall and tear my arms from my sockets as I balance in my heels. More thn leather wires are then wrapped around and up my elbows, crisscrossing in my wrists , crushing them even more thickly together. He cranks the winch a few more clicks as I shout into my gag and that he leaves me hanging helplessly out of my wrists as the tight leather burns deep in my flesh.

Date: September 22, 2020
Actors: Megan Snow
Category: Upskirt

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