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This hot point-of-view video sets you in the middle of the activity. You get to experience what it is like to get a blowjob out of Sosha, using an extra wet twist.To get the most amount of enjoyment from this video, we suggest that you let yourself get completely into it. Eliminate any distractions, watch in full screen, and play along with what is happening.The video begins with you, lying in bed, Sosha kneeling over you. She unzips your pants, pulling out your erect penis. After gently petting it, then she starts licking, then sucking on. For a couple of minutes she just continues to suck on your cock, giving you an incredible blowjob, until she suddenly stops. She says she has a surprise for you.Straddling you, facing your feet, she pees through her blue cotton underwear and all over your dick. Your jeans, shirt, and mattress also get moist and her panties are completely soaked. After she’s done , she moves back into providing you a blowjob, even though she just pissed all over your penis.For a while longer she’s her blow job, expertly sucking your cock, until finally you cum inside her mouth. She smiles, pleased that she got you to cum, and then rests her head in your leg as you recuperate from the encounter.

From: Ladyboyladyboy.com
Date: October 8, 2020
Actors: Jessy
Category: Pissing

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