Catching a Ride with Julius –

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Last evening my dumb boyfriend did not picked me up when I got off my brand new part time job selling shoes. To make things worse my mobile phone died. Lucky for me, I got a ride from a very great guy. As he took me home, I could not help staring at his dick because he explained that he had been married. What a turn on. As we pulled up to my apartment, I decided to inquire when he wanted a quickie. Before he could reply, I took his big black cock and started to suck. He then moved down to my pussy, and soon he was filling my pussy with his cock. Ultimately, he gave me what I really desired, a large load right on my clit. As I tasted the cum, then my boyfriend appeared. Lucky for me, I was able to speak my out of my situation. Obviously, getting fucked at a SUV brought back memories of the years getting fucked and sucking dick at automobiles.

Date: March 29, 2019
Category: Interracial

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