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I have this dream of dominating the following girl. Everybody always thinks this thing that is innocent they can throw around as a doll. Maybe sometimes I am, but lately Ive been thinking that I need to be the one in charge, however more expensive than me and I need to find a girl thats smaller, and also totally dominate her. I believe its my turn today. To begin with, will take her to a steamy hot bath so itll be extra hot and wet, just the way I like that, then Ill loosen up her by sucking on her small titties, massaging her round plump ass, ThenI’m gonna make her do stuff to mepersonally, only the way other people allow me to do things to them! I am able to make her stick her fingers in my pussy, and lick at at my asshole to make it extra filthy. I really like anal intercourse, and so are gonna make her appreciate it! Im gont start off by licking on my clit, only till I get wet. Subsequently put a finger or two in my own pussy. After that, start with toys. I like to start little but once I get warmed up, I like it really large. That I cum as many times as I’d like to and after Im filled I’m gonna turn my focus on her. Today, shes innocent and sweet, but shes not experienced with this type of material as I am, however, Im gonna ensure that she is by the end of the! Im gont start of slow along with her as well, dont want to scare her too far. Perhaps a little toy, finger in the butt, a little licking, squeezing the buttocks, warming her up, and so are gonna take the largest toy Im gonna shove it into her tight little asshole over and over again as heavy as I can go, till shes cum harder than shes ever cum before. Corrupting a sweet innocent woman just like I used to be brings back memories… Lets see just how innocent she is following Im done with her

Date: November 26, 2019
Category: Hairy

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