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Carl is one of the testosterone wealthy guys whose bulge tells me he was rock hard before he walked into the door. The distinction between him being just 24 and already engaged for 3 decades and in law school together with the fact that he got so sexy just knowing he would be on camera that he couldnt resist give his dick a couple squeezes right through the interview makes him all the more alluring. Between the bad boy smile, the ring ring and the tattoos that he brought himself is a beauty of cock that escapes like a faucet out of the mushroom mind. In the kitchen , that spear of a dick to a Devil Dog and from the look in his face was turned by a can of whipped cream after licking his hands wash, a powerful yummy one me at that! While Devil Dogs could be cream filled, from the load Carl burst from these balls that were tight , he left with his tank .

From: Circlejerkboys.com
Date: June 6, 2019
Actors: Carl
Category: Gay porn

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