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Normally, we coddle and infant new women. We accept itslow, easing them. Not today.If you are dating Lew Rubens, then you get no specialtreatment and we’ll come in the full tilt. Now you besubjected into four Category 5 ties (our toughest ). Youwill be dangled by your hair. You will be suspended by yourankles with rope. You will be put in the mostback-arching hogties and suspended. Afull wrist suspension will be suffered by you with your head held back into anass hook. You’ll be bombarded with even acute tickling, delight, and pain. After, you’ll grin aboutit..Sabrina had a terrific time although we overwhelmedher. We Hogtied folks had a wonderful time. I callthis a different Hogtied Classic?

From: Hogtied.com
Date: June 1, 2019
Actors: Sabrina Fox
Category: Submission

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