Vicious Swollen Balls Battery –

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Mistress Adriana might look like a sweet sex Goddess, but her pretty smile disguises the heartless sadist she truly is. Adriana not just wishes to batter at this bad slaves balls along with her busting boots, but she desires his balls to be swollen and in pain until she kicks them! Adriana utilizes a leather slapper on her slaves chunks as she crushes and spins them in her hand, mocking his shouts of pain:”Come , that didnt harm. “With her slave hooded, he could only stand patiently, holding his dick into his hands, as Adriana provides kick after kick into his buttocks. She begins hitting his balls using an slapper again, making certain that they receive no relief from the pain, while spanking his ass red he falls down. Adriana then eliminates the hood, which makes him take it while ordering him not to flinch and stand out there. When he has been broken by her she sits in triumph together with him, informs him that his pain and suffering mean nothing. Still believe a Sex Goddess cant be a heartless sadist?

Date: November 17, 2019
Actors: Adriana Chechik
Category: Bdsm

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