The Training of Charlotte.. –

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Coaching ReportRecommendations:Inspect QuartersReview Prep assignmentsTeach the worth of paragraphs by Minding her poorly Ordered Missions into little pieces and feeding them into her by one.Lock her into a leather muzzle to speech train herCage her and order her to continue Draining the filthy floorReview her case Using WilliamTerrify her Together with the Cows prodTie her tits in tight Japanese style rope bondageTeach her techniques required to endure a painful rope suspensionPush her hard with the Only tail as she Fights to maintain the suspensionRelease her and Instruct her a little about gratitudeDrill her oral Abilities with a hard Prick in her throatTeach her to Conquer her gag reflexCrop her into distractionContinue working the Coaching TriggerBind her Just like a Puppy in Chilly chainLeash her Using a hook in her assFuck her Servant cunt when stretching her assTeach her to give up control by Creating her orgasm Again and over again, spilling her submission Throughout the office floor

Date: May 14, 2019
Actors: Billy / Charlotte Vale
Category: Slave

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