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Input a zone using our footjob set that is featured as relentless Midori Tanaka gets Frank Voit dominating him! Midori finds Frank asleep on the couch, wearing a blindfold to keep the light . While he is still dozing, his wrists are cuffed by her, takes off his socks, shoes, slacks, and shorts begins sucking on his dick. He wakes up and she lays down on the couch to thrust at her toes. He concentrates on her toes after Frank sucks on her heels. Since she foot-jacks his johnson, then Midori re-asserts control. She interested in that dick, although she rolls her pussy at the open up of the leggings. The cameras of Denys DeFrancesco and his teams move in tight to get enormous shots that catch every bending of her feet on the thick rigid prick.Midori appears to be almost entertained occasionally by how totally she is controlling Frank. Almost–because she retains an extremely serious expression through most of the set. She pulls on his back wrists above his head, sits him to the floor, and wraps her legs around his waist to stroke his cock off with her buttocks. Afterward she puts him flat onto the ground, crams her foot into his mouth while she squeezes his dick. For awhile she targets both feet on the dick alone, when stretching her toes to his 29, even sitting on his head along with her bottom. She puts him to work with licking at her pussy while she moves her legs around his face, and if she satisfied, stands him up till he spurts a lake of cream, and handjobs his prick all over her red latex calf. She licks up a number of those mess, however maybe not it all! The last shots reveal her tacky legs and powerful feet in all their naked glory, ready for worship!

Date: January 10, 2020
Actors: Midori Tanaka
Category: Fetish

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