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Ah yes, life is good. I´ve married and knocked off my wealthy man and I&extreme;m living big. In walks my last late husband’s daughter, Whitney Morgan. She accuses me of trapping him and murdering her father. I&severe;m because your dad has been my life’s love I tell Whitney, however, she isn & acute grieving;t. I feel a prick in my throat and my entire world begins to find black. My limp body is dragged by her and removes my rings and earrings. I&intense;m outside cold, unable to move or protest and Whitney is having a field day with my gems! I feel her roll over my body and rope up my arms. I become alert with her own body and that I try to knock her off my back. I´m looking for revenge for my father!!!! I kick and scream and roll over to watch Whitney slowly peeling her moist panties down. She XXXX my mouth as shoves shoves my pussy soaked panties in deeply and moans. I protest and struggle as she wraps my own head with vet wrap silencing me , but my nose shuts off and out I return again. She pulls down my bra exposing my tits and pulls on at my lace panties. The bitch continues to taunt me as she stays on top of me continuing to rope up me. Wrists, also a tight hogtie along with ankles. I try to roll my own body and almost get to the door that is open when Whitney adds another rope binding my knees together. My ass is outside and it motivates Whitney and my pantyhose to add a crotchrope together. I try to kick but I could ´t untie any of the knots. The jewelry purse is grabbed by whitney and closes the bedroom leaving me struggling and rolling about on the ground to escape.

Date: January 25, 2020
Category: General porn

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