The Best Thing In The.. –


Michael likes to get up early so he drags Jace to the gym in an effort not only to have some sexy fun but also because he is an early bird. Jace can’t believe that he got up so early to have his freak on. Jace is convinced by Michael and soon he’s on his knees admiring his big manA. Jace is fucked by MichaelA’s facial and Jace takes a turn. Jace then deep throat-fucks MichaelA until the two of them get into an extremely sexy 69 position on the bench. Jace gets MichaelA’s smooth, tanned brows nice and softened with his tongue while Michael has deep, sexy clench in his throat. Both are ready to get into action. Jace bends over Michael and presses deep into his sex, pumping and pushing deep into his stomach. They continue to have sex on the benches and against lockers as no one has yet arrived at the gym. Jace continues to fuck him till he can’t hold it back, and then he lets his tight bod out MichaelA’s way and letA loose all of his built-up jizz over MichaelA. Michael continues to stroke his dick, until he can finally blow his heavy load over his own head.

From: menover30
Date: September 26, 2022
Category: Brunette

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