The Best Bratwurst –


We were shocked to see Cris’ almost 6A” uncut bratwurst slipping out of his pants underneath a trim blond bush with a fat-free body. This 31-year-old German super-stud is a great example of a male of color. His muscles are visible through his shirt sleeves. And those beautiful blue eyes and slim abs beg to be touched. He sits in a chair with his legs spread out, and his pants are almost ripped open by the weight of the large object inside. This is the type of call we couldn’t wait to answer. Cris stands across the room, then he releases the now-hooded, heavy snake. He moves over to the couch, and then he gyrates in the air. He can feel his glutes stretch and relax, proving how naive he is when he finds someone who will let him eat all the meat. He rubs his nipple in one hand and then he raises his head with the other. Then he bends over to see the shaft of the darkening of his hole as it sticks between his legs. As if he had complete control of his own dick, he made the head of his dance and didn’t touch it. His body is screaming for attention and his control shows when he makes his meat spin in circles. It seems as though his head is about to hit him in his chin, and his bag shrinks into an unwieldy knot that forces down white rain. We can only say, “Ah! When will we go?” If that is the way they make German men, we have to agree with you. .

From: extrabigdicks
Date: July 9, 2022
Category: Gay

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