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This 30 Minutes of Torment is the hottest video of 2016. It was originally released in 2016 and features Jordan Boss, muscle god. He’s savaged with punching, slapping and even electricity. FIRST: THE WALL First: THE WALL! After removing his clothing, Jordan is exposed to the wall. Sebastian swiftly and skillfully bound his legs and arms. Jordan is given the best cropping ever after a short warm up with punches. Next up: THE PIT As Jordan waits for more punishment, unforgiving black ropes hold him in place. Sebastian accosts Jordan mercilessly and rains hits on JordanAAs muscular chest and abs. He then places clover clamps upon JordanAAs nipples, and tie them overhead. This effectively renders Jordan motionless, as every smack from the flogger increases the tension on his nipples. Jordan plays the tough guy and will he be flogged or lifted into the air? The ELECTRIC CHAIR is finally here! Sebastian wants to teach Jordan the many torments of electricity toys. Jordan is new to electric toys, and Sebastian has no desire to let him play with them. Jordan is confined to a chair and feels uncomfortable. The shockwaves from the electrodes in his legs send shock waves into Jordan’s body. He can only look in horror at Sebastian running the violet wand along his legs, into the tight spot and then zapping him with the terrifying cattle prod. Jordan finally gets a rough fuck from the Shockspot, with electrodes still attached to his legs. The machine then pounds into Jordan’s ass, causing him to feel heavy.

From: kinkmenclassics
Date: October 4, 2022
Category: Kinky Fetish

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