Stake Out 2 –

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Schoolgirl Kimmy Granger remains inside her uniform when Chad White ties her to the bed to get his way with her. Kimmy cant contain her moans of delight as Chad pushes her panties aside from conduct his hands up and down and gives her grab a smack her tight slit. Her excitement just grows deeper and hotter when Chad squeezes it to her mouth so she can suck and lick and whips out his dick till hes completely satisfied. That shell submit to his will, when Chad unties its with the anticipation, Kimmy. She’s happy to do so, putting on her hands and knees again to let him examine her pink pussy with his bewitching mouth then spreading her thighs so he can push himself deep inside her twat from behind.Holding back nothing, Chad operates his lady with hard quick thrusts until her moans of pleasure fill the room. Until she finally gets the chance kimmy can go along for the ride. Taking advantage of her position of electricity, Kimmy grinds her hips and head giving Chad. As he insures Kimmys tummy in his cum he pulls out demonstrating his ultimate act of ownership.

Date: March 31, 2020

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