Relaxing cushie bed wetting –


IaEUR ™ am so comfy on my bed and enjoying quiet time with myself. IaEUR ™ am wearing a pop music shirt with Kylie’s picture on it. My crotch is covered in a beautiful purple and white Cushie, while my feet are exposed. IaEUR(tm), the bed cover I am laying on, is just as cute as my Cushie. These pink bed covers have Care Bears printed on them. They also feature rainbows, hearts, and other cute details. To make it more cozy and intimate, I also turned on colourful fairy lights. It’s not surprising that I drifted off to my thoughts, so itaEUR(tm). The bed is so soft, my eyes are shut. IaEUR ™, I am sucking my thumb and the other hand goes inadvertently to my crotch and strokes my Cushie. IaEUR ™, IaEUR[tm]m conscious that my Cushie feels stiff against my fingertips. My pert bum becomes visible and sticks into the air. IaEUR ™ suddenly feels a wet sensation in my middle, which is making my Cushie heavier and more bulky. I have only one explanation. IaEUR(tm), I feel so relaxed, I’ve started to soak myself in the fresh new duvet. My Cushie has been expanding quickly and is now getting soaked. It all feels so natural and good that it makes me not want to move. It’s my dream to stay in this room for as long as I can, in bed in a Cushie in my bedroom doing nothing but indulge myself. It would be nice to have such a lucky life.

Date: September 14, 2022
Category: Kinky Fetish

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