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I&severe;m on a French campsite as my amazing European adventure persists! I&severe;m wearing a blue cami-dress which frees my entire body, and underneath it is a really soggy ID Slip which definitely hugs my cherry bum;-RRB- I have a black rucksack on my back, and onto my cute little feet I have on my cool white high top sneakers. I´m at a secluded shaded area behind several caravans, which can be an ideal spot to hitch my dress up and cheekily display my moist ID Slip. Although there are some little trees for pay, I have to be cautious, because anybody who appears to be appearing out of a few of the caravan windows will surely catch sight of me! But this just increases the delight, and I even squat down on my haunches so I can run my hands over the smooth crotch. The ID slide is full to the brim, and looks really large and bulky as I expose it into the open air. I&severe;m feeling really naughty, and the fact that my bladder is full once again offers me a smart idea. . .why not moist the ID Slip for another time?! I´m not positive if it could take anymore, but I simply can&severe;t even wait to see:-RRB- I allow the floodgates open and as I´m squatting, also as my next airplane oozes into it, the new wet stain is clearly visible as it grows and grows. The ID Slip was tight and tight before, but once this newest dousing, it feels like it´s really going to explode! This is giving me such a thrill, and is so satisfying. When I&extreme;m finally emptied, I ease myself up onto my feet, and then go and stand right next to one of those caravans! This is risky! But even so, I still continue to operate my fingertips against the enlarged ID Slip, paying particular attention to the region across the crotch;-RRB- Afterward I continue walking throughout the campsite, keeping my dress raised up and leaving very little to your imagination. What could be more interesting than wetting something that you´re strapped in to? So why, wetting it twice of course;)

Date: October 14, 2020
Category: Fetish

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