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Gorgeous Mira is delicate and as beautiful as a flower. Smooth and her skin so soft like its petalsher long luscious legs such as the stem, her stunning onyx hair just like the leaves, she really is a natural work of art. Laying in her white couch and getting her bra off, she caresses her breast, rolling round a nipple between her fingers. Sliding off her panties she reveals a perfectly shaved little pussyher womanly blossom as exquisite . She begins to tease the delicate bud of her clit as passion and pleasure start to stream through her like a soft 34, along with the teens body rises and drops, undulating. As she sees with one hand between her thighs her body awakens, over the mounts of her breasts, caressing her wrists like a lover could, enjoying every curve. Sliding her fingers and coating them with her sweet dew, roll and Mira starts to kiss her clit the joy. Together with her chest and moans floating through the atmosphere, Miras orgasm blossoms flowing outside and filling her teenage body having pleasure.

Date: November 26, 2019
Actors: Mira
Category: Masturbation

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