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The scene begins with Amelia, the sexy goddess standing above her slave whom she had locked in the box. What do we have? She walks about and pulls at the slaves’ nipples with her toes. HeA is locked up, and she’ll use him any way she finds amusing. Then, she sticks her foot into his mouth one after the other. Then, she rubs her sole on his lips and lets out an unexpected fart. She then tells him, “I know exactly where your tongue is, in my mouth, or maybe my pussy,” as she presses her foot into his forehead. Amelia now wants her ass to be serviced. She reaches forward and hovers above his head, asking him what he thinks of the view. Slave begs for her to kiss her genitals. She tells them, “I donAt know”, but then she lays down on her face and says thereAs a catch. She takes her crop, and then she looks over her shoulder at him to cut his legs and balls. The crop is now dropped and she spreads her cheeks to tell the slave to wash her genitals. He smiles and licks his lips eagerly. This is a great view looking up so that you can see Amelia’s amazing ass. She says, “Feet Ass. Maybe you should also lick my arms.” The slave then licks each pit as she leans forward. After the slave has licked a large portion of her body, she sits again on the box in the reverse position. He then licks her genitals, and she tells him to go take a break. “Open up” she demands.

From: clubstiletto.com
Date: June 4, 2022
Category: Strapon

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