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Im super excited as my friend Lucy Lauren has come up to visit me in my flat. Im wearing a set of Miffy socks, a purple MTV t-shirt, also Im snugly fastened to a ID Slip. Lucy Lauren and she is sporting a vest that shows her body off and a pair of Miffy socks, respectively. And our selection of underwear isnt the only thing that me and Lucy Lauren have in commonshe also has found that the wonderful joy of being strapped into something vinyl! And today she’s picked an cute Crinklz Aquanauts:D We are currently sitting in my settee, enjoying each other company. I’ve got my legs spread to show my ID Slip off in all of its glory, and Lucy Lauren retains absentmindedly running her fingers within her Crinklz Aquanauts, clearly enjoying the feel of it. We’re having such a fantastic time I suggest we take some pictures on my phone, in order to capture the moment, particularly considering looked ! I get on the ground and start snapping away, with Lucy Lauren striking some lovely poses. She gets on her knees whilst to show her buttocks off, which gives this photoshoot that is improvised a somewhat cheeky feel, if you understand what I mean? ;-RRB- I have so carried away I suddenly wet myself there! Before I know it, a hot jet is oozing out into my ID Slip, filling it and making it bulkier than it was. And now when Im halfway around, I treated coming out of my crotch! Before handing Lucy Lauren my telephone so she is able to take some of me, I take a few snaps of us together! Well, I dont need her hogging all the limelight;-RRB- I strike my own cheeky presents, and have now been so much fun today, I just know that the picture you can see will be viewed at many times in the future:)

Date: January 13, 2020
Actors: Faye Taylor
Category: Fetish

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