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I understood the authorities had an influx of young rookie cops around the native XXXX so I could in a sound. Young leggy rookie officer Ayla Ansel shows up and I inform her I guess robbers. I wonder I find out severe & she and where her spouse is ;s alone. Perfect! Acute ayla &;s 22 years old and she´s been on the XXXX 1 week – a prime goal for the debauchery. Ayla sits to write a few notes in her book and appears around surveying the situation. While she&extreme;s seated there peeking over exactly everything to write, I think of her with a moist rag and poking her with it until the fairly cop´s eyes roll back into her head and she&intense;s woozey and helpless. I strip off her police uniform under the guise of cooling off her and then I tie her wrists up. The officer is so disoriented that intense she & oblivious to what I&severe;m doing . Her head bobs and that I pull up and over her into the winch. I crank this up until the woman & intense and attach the wrist rope into a hook arms are stretched up over her head. Ayla´s body twists and a superr tight tight crotch rope is added by me. I inform the bimbo that is innocent that is dumb I need her uniform and her ID to perpetrate a crime and she will get the blame. A crime for me!! Panic knowing she is not able to avoid her fate and ayla begins to shout. I bind knees and her ankles shove on a rag into her mouth and put up alongside her face. I wrap layer upon layer of vet wrap till of her face is covered and gagged. Inadequate thing begins sobbing, but I don´t feel awful. While I finish gagging the bitch I put on hat and her police uniform and strip off my dress. I grab Ayla´s ID and away I proceed to rob leaving her gagged, bound and helpless. Not a excellent first week of the XXXX, is it sweetie??

Date: October 21, 2019
Category: General porn

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