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I&severe;I will soon be a renowned physician and ve finally discovered a ground breaking treatment. I hire naive nurse Lexi Lane to be an essential component of my experimental new therapy. Surprisingly enough, my concept hasn’t been achieved before. Lexi is an ideal little nurse and she is totally a dumb bimbo as this is her first job after nursing faculty. I inject her with a drug and she becomes loopy and limp. I grab a bit of rope and bind her upper arms together cinching it closely. Lexi begins to waken and she’s confused and delirious. I shove a large ballgag into her mouth. Here we proceed sweety almost ready I tell her because I bind with her knees. The patient was in a wheelchair all his life and that he ´therefore a millionaire. He’ll pay a fortune to walk and I plan to take lots of his cash. Lexi wiggles and moans as I complete binding her legs and put her in a tight hogtie. I abandon while I return to find the patient, her fighting on the floor. Wheelchair bound Matt&severe;s eyes widen in excitement when I untie her rope and place her on her knees between his thighs. He unzips his shorts and pulls his cock out and I push intense & pretty Lexi . I push her head up and down since she gurgles and sputters with all the penis down her tight throat. Can you really ever feel a tingle yet Matt? Lexi raises the tempo of her cock sucking on while I assess the individual &severe;s heart. Once his heart gets in the anaerobic threshold he’ll regain feeling in his 18, they are told by me. Nurse Lexi sucks his cock till he explodes in her mouth and then that I hold her head for some time. She sucks his cock and abruptly he explodes in her mouth. What s this?? Matt rises upward in his wheelchair – it&intense;s a wonder!!! You can walk Oh Nurse Lexi I mean to produce millions and I´m keeping you for the rest of the patients. I shove on the gag back in her mouth and walking powerful man Matt lifts and conveys Lexi outside the door and drops her. Off we go Nurse Lexi…

Date: January 13, 2020
Category: General porn

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