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Back with us is hot Mario Costa. That Cuban cock of his own, and mario, is a treat on ExtraBigDicks. This 24 year old Cubanito remains a size queens supreme wet dream. Mario is currently appearing leaner these days and no one will be more happy with these improvements than our most recent addition. Micah has been around our brother site and we believe this Denver native is going to be a terrific addition to this stable of the hung. . .and hung lovers (you KNOW who you are!) The two of these studs keep in top physical form and its a balance of metabolism and exercising. There are many guys that are beautiful here year round. We asked them when they do venture outside to the shore what is their favourite thing to wear. Anything snowy! Beams Mario. Take a moment to drink in that observable. Mario loves to show off that enormous pingon. Micah enjoys the as long as its not just a thong hes and smaller shorts ok with it. Since he started with us mario has dipped in areas and we have ta say he seems alluring getting it too as giving it. Micah gets to his own sort of difficulty and with this boy next door face has chance seducing the interested str8 boys. Well, there’ll be a lot of seduction so lets allow these two get their groove on happening in a minute. . .They equally sit as they tug on their crotches. Because he gets things started, mario starts to play. They quickly pick the speed up as they start to workout. Their tees are first to come off as they get better acquainted. Mario licks Micahs smooth torso as their hands research the other. Micahs curiosity gets the best of him as he assists out Mario of his shorts and begins to play along with his thick penis thats straining to get out. Micah teases him by licking his shaft through his whites before putting it free. Python waves victoriously as Micah admires that hes got to work on. He pushes that thick cock deep into his throat fighting to get up to it inside his mouth as he could. An over the shoulder photo reveals Micah onto his knees licking as he admits that he wait to find that massive cock inside of him, that monster penis. Well, hes come to the perfect location (–cuz we were thinking the exact identical exact thing). As they continue to make out they stand. As he gets acquainted with all the hole hell widen hands begin to explore Micahs smooth buttocks. He sits Micah back to offer him some help in return. He kneels between Micahs thighs and takes his penis in his mouth. Then they move to a hot 69 which just makes both of these hornier for more.Micah begins to finger his own ass as he bends Marios penis. DAMN! He knows hes gonna have a whole lot to handle in a couple of minutes. Mario matches up and stays back. His penis that is Caribbean straddles and starts to ease herself down onto it. He grunts and groans as his ass slowly gives way. Micah begins to ride it like a pro After that hole stretches enough to get that cock inside. Mario assists and holds him bounce him meat. Mario is becoming all 9+ buried within that tight ass and Micah cant get enough. He gets up and sits back onto it into a reverse cowgirl. Mario holds his ram with both hands as he watches Micahs buttocks swallow it all whole. Don’t try this at home; we are clearly working with educated professionals. Micah starts as Mario just watches him pleasure himself onto his 20, grinding on that cock in a gallop. Mario transforms it up and sets Micah on his spine. He starts to fuck that ass has better control of exactly how deep he will get indoors and missionary. Mario fucks Micah deep while Micah begins to jack his cock faster and faster. Micahs spots being hit by marios with this horse cock and it will be long until this hot butt milks his load. Since they get close they sit and stroke their enormous loads away all.

Date: May 26, 2019
Category: Gay porn

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