Like Riding A Bike –

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Blonde masseuse Nicole Clitman is hanging out at home looking the web for something sporty to enter. She wants a bike although she finds a cyclothon and wishes to register. She calls her neighbour Marcus London to see if his wifes bike is available. It is and he will bring it in one hour. He arrives promptly with a bicycle and he refuses to charge her a penny. She gives him a massage, to repay his kindness. An odd scenario for Marcus that is married, living in the suburbs. Hes thats allowed by his spouse, but Nicole declares its nothing but professional. She simply wants to convey her gratitude. Marcus is puzzled when he is brought by her to the shower and starts to disrobe. He tries not to stare at her tiny boobs and shaved pubis. She reassures him he follows her lead and that its okay. They get under the water and then she cleans off him, describing the nature of the NURU massage with its measures of washing and moisturizing. Hes trying to be a boy but its difficult while Nicole is using both hands to stroke his dick to behave. She peppers his massage using a slow blow job that gives a deep seated pleasure to Marcus. Nicole teases him . She fucks him and stretches her tight wet pussy around his hard cock that is distended. Then the great guy get to finish inside her mouth!

Date: December 15, 2019
Category: Natural tits

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