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Mike Maverick is currently now taking his time while the rest of his formation is on duty spit-polishing his boots. This doesnt sit well with Drill Sergeant Hardass Dirk Caber. Dirk belittles his boot polishing abilities and confronts Mike. Dirk gets Mike lick his boots wash and get down on his hands and knees. Despite Dirks instructions, Mike istill neglects to receive his boots correctly cleaned and now hes in double problem. Dirk slaps him throughout his torso and rear, and strips Mike of his uniform. He breaks out the crop to find out exactly what Mike is made of. Mike hands and cries as Dirks palms hit on his body. As him humiliates he struggles to stay in place. But the tougher Dirk hits on him the harder his cock gets. And Dirk knows how to deal with this difficult penis – he beats on it and pushes Mikes head down on his erection. Mike is gagged and bound, with his boot. Dirk enjoys seeing his soldier weak. He squeezes his beard over it and spits on Mikes cock. He yells the mind before sliding it deep within his throat. Mike is smacked and flogs by him around his chest and penis. When Mikes skin is nice and red, Dirk puts clamps on his nipples and starts flogging and teasing his cock all over. Mike squirms in bondage but is unable to escape Dirks proficient mouth and smacks. Eventually, Dirk has Mike tied spread and open. His cock slides into Mikes asshole and pounds the shit out of him. Mike enjoys every moment and blows a huge load all. Dirk cums on Mikes face and pulls out. Dirks dick cleans off. Punishment total.

Date: November 26, 2019
Category: Gay porn

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