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Mistress Holly likes emasculating her slaves. She pulls one of her bitches from the cage and shoves her enormous strap on dick down his throat. Holly sucks on the bitch in the face with her 12 inch penis and informs that the bitch that she is going to fuck his ass with it. Holly heap drives the man bitch, pumping his bum full of her cock. Holly is shining. She gets off on robbing her slaves off their manhood, 1 inch at a time. To further humiliate her slave, she grabs his penis and gets it hard using her soft hands. The slave is mortified. One touch and his cock pops, his body betraying him. Holly laughs. She loves this. She places the slut on his spine and feeds him his own filth, smiling all of the while.

Date: September 12, 2020
Category: Strapon

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