Italian Lessons –


We have a surprise for you, gentlemen. This week we are pleased to welcome back Fabio Stallone. FabioA is 32-years old and makes a very impressive sausage. This piece of meat might be handled with ease by someone who doesn’t have a hinging jaw. All of our members demanded more, and we couldn’t deny it. The perfect hottie was found, who is a mix of Bayou and Italian. Ethan Slade is making his debut here with us and Louisiana did an amazing job. Ethan credits his beautiful look to both his Native American and German heritages, as well as his extensive Italian heritage. He’s going to have more Italian in his future. These two men were asked by us which country has the most sexiest men. Fabio loves Spanish men. Oh, those Barcelona boys. Ethan is unable to choose a country, but he admires athletic men from all over the world. Fabio was proud of the hard work it took to make Ethan happy. Ethan blushes and says, “It was great!” As Ethan and Fabio get to know one another on the sofa, Ethan informs Fabio that he enjoys his accent. Fabio responds with A’Ce belloA” and he asks Ethan, “How would you describe youA’re hot?” Ethan is smiling before asking Fabio what he would say if he were to kiss himA. Ethan is not satisfied with Fabio’s words and he goes for the kiss he really desires. Ethan notices that FabioA has a tent between his legs and they have a good time. As he begins to nibble and lick the tent through his shorts, he falls. He can’t help but notice how huge it is and wants to take a closer look. Fabio rises up to give Ethan the space he requires. Ethan continues to rub and tease his bulge as Ethan sits on his knees. Fabio shows off his amazing physique as Ethan pulls his fat cock out. Fabio sighs as Ethan pulls that fat cock down his throat. Fabio feels a tingling sensation as he reaches for the thick skin of his foreskin. As he takes the fat cock down his throat, he knows exactly what to do. Ethan’s surprise is pleasant as he reach out and finds his impressive, strong ass. He uses this to shove the dick deeper into his throat. Ethan stands up and kisses FabioA on the lips. As they continue to make out, Fabio continues undressing Ethan while giving him more. Fabio, a Cajun delight, packs his party into those pants. Fabio turns Ethan over and bends his head so that he can enjoy the sweet, savory hole. As he gets his tongue in, he burys his face in the smooth ans. We get to see FabioA’s sexy sex as he moves. Fabio takes off his suit and then sits down as Ethan strides along the cock of Ethan and inhales. Ethan starts slowly to pedal that giant cock, but he soon picks up speed once he is used to the girth. Ethan doesn’t care if that fat cock is stretching his arms too far. Ethan starts to move back and forth, enjoying the feeling. Fabio gets Ethan on his feet, and then bends over to give him that doggy look. Ethan is unable to speak and can only grunt, so FabioA sits in front of him. As his feet slap at the hole, he slams on that fat cock. EthanAAs own cock rocks hard while heAs being fucked. Fabio takes the dick as a champion before he gets on his back to be a missionary. Fabio pushes the prostate even further, making Ethan cum all about himself. Fabio pulls out his cannoli cream and spreads it all over EthanA and CumA’s chest. ThatA is Italian. Ciao, Bello!

From: menover30
Date: July 10, 2022
Category: Gay

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