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ExtraBigDicks has a treat for you this week as Kevin Cavalli returns to the show. It’s time to get acquainted with the sexy and inked New Yorker. We think it would be a great way to get to know this 6A’ stud. Beau Kennedy makes his industry debut today. Beau Kennedy, 21, is originally from Fort Myers FL. Beau is 21 years old and originally from Fort Myers, FL. Kevin will soon learn all the details. Kevin is a veteran of adult sexual activities, having dipped his toeA in both gay and str8 porn. Although heA admits that heA has had women look at his 9A+ cock, they usually end up being more than willing to accept the challenge. He might realize that itA’s not enough. These two men were asked what they would dream of as cars and their ideal girls. Kevin would love to have a Lamborghini white-on-white and Kim Kardashian as his girlfriend. Is that flashy? LOL Beau doesn’t like to be compared with so he desires a Bugatti Veyron. And as his dream girl, he would choose Lacey Duvalle. Their choices of women can be flashy or exotic, but they will get to compare tattoos this afternoon. Both have tattoos on their bodies. They play “show and tell” as their clothes fall off. Their shirt is first to fall off, then Beau quickly drops his pants and shows Kevin where he would like his next. He would like 4 aces to his lower obliques. Kevin sees Kevin’s sloppy boxers, and he makes his move. BeauA lets BeauA do his thing and he starts tugging on BeauA’s neck. KevinA is impressed by BeauA’s cock, and the two of them start to compare their cocks. Beau tells Kevin heA’s got about 9A’. Kevin isn’t convinced so Beau puts his dick in front of Kevin so that he can see for himself. Kevin pulls at his boxers, exposing BeauAs thick dick. Kevin continues to care for that cock, growing and expanding. BeauA’s cock grows into a giant and takes a southerly curve. Kevin laughs at it, trying to get it all down his throat. Beau teases Kevin, saying “This thing hangs to your knee.” Kevin watches Kevin eat that huge cock. KevinA continues to eat on the 9A+ cock while Beau drips on KevinAA’s head. Now itAA’s KevinAA’s turn. Beau first squirts the cock, before he takes it in his mouth. Beau tries to mimic the verbal attention he received, as he suckers on his first cock. Kevin moans while Beau rubs his throbbing head. Beau is eager for more after he has rubbed his hard-core cock. Kevin bends over, and he slides the python in his sweet ans. BeauA’s cock pushes into Kevin’s first ans, as Kevin begins to back on his meat. Beau doesn’t move as Kevin takes him. Beau grunts as Kevin rides Beau. Beau steps in to take control and grabs Kevin by his waist, as he imbibes him onto his pole. Beau keeps exposing his sex as he fucks Kevin. Beau sits down and lets Kevin ride the dick. Kevin relaxes on the cock, taking in as much as he can. Beau gets a little too tight for his liking, but he never makes it to the top of that hot ass. Beau bounces Kevin trying to make it go deeper, while KevinA’s smooth muscles work their magic on BeauA. They get closer and they both flop back side-by side as they blast their heavy loads over each other.

From: extrabigdicks
Date: July 22, 2022
Category: Gay

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