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Hi father, Im sister Ava Devine and I need it too. You see Ive come here today to talk to you, Father for I have sinned! Father I have seen a penis, no, I have seen a penis and wanted it! Oh father Im so embarrassed, I dont know what to do! The devil is making me think, nasty, dirty things! Father I know what Im suppose to do, but its just not working! I cant stop thinking about flesh, and this warm, hard throbbing penis! This thing the penis, is erect and stuff come out of its pee hole! Im excited! Oh father what do I do? Do you have something for me father? What, its underneath this blanket? Father this is horrible, its a huge black dildo cock, and you want me to try it? Ok. I will and Ill show you that I really dont like it! Well, what happened was that I really do like it and I take this big hard dildo in my mouth and ass and actually lick my filthy, sinning sex juice off my couch when Im done! After today Im not sure Im going to be a nun anymore! Please enjoy this hot anal solo of damnation masturbation, thankfully when it was all over, father forgave me! Nuns got to have it too you know!

Date: September 15, 2020
Category: Domination

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