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JD simply got to work on the next truck for the day when he notices that hes the one thats arrived for the job day. He looks around a little and sits in the passenger side and starts to rub himself unzipping his overalls and pulling on out his cock. He keeps one eye as he sucks his throbbing penis and pulls his nipples. What he doesnt realize is that Billy has been calling his name and will be in route to the vehicle to ask him some questions. Billy walks to the truck and sees with JD jacking away like nobodys business. Until JD get excruciating and also cant think hes been standing their only watching, billy Watches softly for a bit. JD tells Billy initiate the sucking and to have on his knees. Billy has been eager to possess JDs cock deep into his mouth and hes providing the head hes gave. Face fucks and JD likes to eat ass so Billy bends over his ass with his tongue nearly sending Billy on the border. Now his ass is ready and moist JD pounds his butt against the vehicle pumping deep in him until Billy blasts his load on the truck’s trunk door.

Date: January 13, 2020
Category: Hairy

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