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Sebastian Keys while he notices the spoken and hot David Emblem, gagged and suspended, bound along with his ass outside to some punching bag, ready to go, arrives at an empty gym. Sebastian instantly takes advantage of this circumstance, leaving the weights behind and diving face first. He spits in his pit and licks it, teasing it ahead. David can moan and mutter via a ball gag as he moans with his face off from the punching bag. Sebastian frees Davids hard prick and allows the shaft slides up into the hole, then down again. Worked and david, jumped at the wrists at the place that is perfect to be used, struggles from the bondage but loves every minute as Sebastian strokes it and blows off on his cock. Sebastian palms his tight hole before slipping a thick hard dick. Sebastian functions while massaging his hole, pushing him right to the verge of cumming, Davids cock. However he holds back, denying David that release. Afterwards, David is tied on the floor with his cock and balls bound and tethered to the punching bag, preventing him. While Sebastian strokes his cock, engorged from the 20, Not able to touch himself , he lies there. David is absolutely begging to cum at this point. Its been emptied his balls, and the feeling of delight and restraint is overwhelming. Sebastian sucks on his tough dick that is sweet, tormenting him and teasing him. He uses a sleek toy on his penis, sending sensations throughout his body, making him feel as though hes going to cum a number of times. But Sebastian denies him, moving into his toes, taking David from rapturous delight to excruciating tickling. Finally Sebastian puts nipple clamps adding into the feeling of being bound and edgedslides a prostate stimulator his tight hole. David is totally helpless, suffers from head to toe, until David eventually blows his hot load all over himself although Sebastian operates his cock again, faster and harder. Sebastian feeds him his cum and leaves there… to be used again .

Date: May 14, 2019
Actors: David Emblem
Category: Gay porn

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