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No pictorial, video or photo is complete without a story. The photographer may have captured a scene, but the viewer can also view it online as a collaborative work. This is Katia Da(c) Lys and David Perry’s new scene. Katia arrives for an audition, and David reviews her portfolio. Katia is in a killer outfit, particularly with her pedal pushing pants and purple heels that show off her polished red toes. Katia falls after a glass of wine, and David quickly makes her feel better by giving her intensive foot care. Here’s where the fan’s imagination comes into play. Imagine Katia being your wife or girlfriend, with all kinds of fantasies that she would like to share with men. So she auditions under Mr. Perry, an experienced superstud. You can see Katia get her shoes taken off and inspected by David before she gets fucked with his pussy. She then looks over at you and wrinkles her soles. Then, when David places a big weight on Katia’s soles she will give you a more meaningful look by pointing her messy size of 8.5 feet at your face. We are talking about the way fans work together to make sets that transcend the minds of photographers. We should make Katia the Model of the Day to thank her for all the wonderful things she does in our crazy brains!

From: hotlegsandfeet
Date: September 25, 2022
Category: Rough Sex

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