Fantastic Foot Fondling! –

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Following a football game is over, it is time to get a party that is footjob! Case in point, we’ve got cheerleader Destiny rewarding Thomas Stone for all his plays by giving him some foot fondling that is great! He provides her size 6 feet a sniff or two and chooses her shoes, it’s time to sense his sausage straightened with her peds. The lively Hungarian lays across him on the couch, tugging on his johnson with her soles and feet in the white socks. She slides his horn’s head into the top of her sock near her ankle! Thomas sucks on her toes through the socks, then off so he can enjoy her tootsies the hats. But he is not the only man with a fetish! It is clear that Destiny enjoys sucking and licking on her feet. She appears double-jointed and as she dominates Thomas’s instrument together with her right foot and lays on her belly she licks her left . Then she gives him a footjob supreme with her feet and sits him over on the sofa, and his own camera crews and Denys DeFrancesco catch all of it in vivid detail for your computer screens. If Thomas’s load bursts, it coats up her feet to the ankles, and then in a pervy touch he places back her panties !

Date: January 27, 2020
Actors: Destiny
Category: Foot fetish

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